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Monday, October 24, 2005

The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker, Part 1: Meat Cutting

Yup, I'm going out for a three part book search post. Why? I don't know. It just came to me while I was reading a book of rhymes to my son.

So, here are some books for the butcher in you.

There's not much this week in the pre-1923 section, but there are some GREAT finds with later dates published by various departments of the U.S. Government, so here are my picks:

  1. Technical Manual - Cutting Of Beef (1943) from the U.S. War Department. 70 pages, includes photos, and is $3.00
  2. Technical Manual - Cutting And Preparing Lamb (1943) again from the US War Department. This one's a little shorter -- 32 pages -- I suppose because lambs are smaller.
  3. The Meat Handbook of the United States Navy (1945): From the foreword, "The Meat Handbook of the United States Navy,published for the training and use of commissary personnel, comprehensively covers the subject of meat utilization at naval activities. The detailed instructions for cutting meat, supported by photographic illustrations, will give practical 'on-the-job' help to personnel in the commissary branch who are charged with stowing, issuing, cutting, and cooking meat for messes ashore and afloat"
  4. Beef On the Farm: Slaughtering, Cutting, Curing (1950) U. S. Department of Agriculture - a small booklet for under $20 bucks. The description of this one states: "Laid in is a 5-page mimeographed report by T. O. Meyer, Department of Animal Husbandry State College of Washington entitled, Selection, Packaging and Freezing of Meat."

Elsewhere, you can grab some freebie diagrams showing cuts of beef, veal, mutton, venison and pork from The White House Cookbook from Project Gutenberg. You might also find The Book of Household Management has some useful information. In fact, depending on where you want to take your topic, the entire Home Economics section of Project Gutenberg should be one of your top bookmarks to see what's new each week or month.

Searching for information on meat cutting at US Government sources might also produce some results. The first item I found on the Google search was this article on Food Processing Occupations.

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