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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hand Made Rugs

Crafty subjects seem to work well for niche sites, and good collections of patterns can also sell well on Ebay, if packaged right.

So, today I searched for hand-made rugs. Not that I've ever made a rug, or even had the desire to, but I found a pattern for a small rug in an old Harpers Bazar magazine from the late 1800s that prompted my curiosity on the topic.

I found one possibility in the pre-1923 list of my search:

The Craft of Hand-Made Rugs authored by Amy Mali Hicks. The first link is a 1920 edition for $12. There is also a 1914 edition on sale for $17, if the cheaper copy has been sold. If they're both gone, do a new search on the title for any recent additions to the database.

There are also many copies available from the 1930s and 40s, that don't appear to have had their copyrights renewed, but I would stick to the older editions rather than get a new one without an official copyright search.

On the pricey side, I found "History and Manufacture of Floor Coverings" from 1899, which is currently being sold for $90.

As for later books without apparent copyright renewal records, I found one entitled "Handmade Rugs" by Ella Shannon Bowles from 1937, "Hooked Rugs and How to Make Them" by Anna M. Laise Philips from 1925, and "New Ideas for Handmade Rugs" by Elizabeth Varick from 1940.

[Although none of these appear to have a renewal record in the database, I would recommend you first ensure that 1) they were published in the US by 2) an American author and 3) have a qualified attorney or the Copyright Office ensure there is no copyright under a different title or rights holder before re-publishing.]

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