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Monday, March 13, 2006

Using the public domain to add uniqueness to private label articles

A few weeks ago I picked up a psychology/ self-help public domain book that had some content I wanted to add to a particular e-course I'm selling.

At the end of the book I found an added bonus -- a dozen pages of quotations on the subject that were really amazing.

In addition to adding the collection to my course package, I also added a quotation to each of the private label articles I posted on the content/adsense site I'm using to feed traffic to my sales page, which (along with a spin through WhiteSmoke to change the wording and grammar), make my content unique to the search engines.

And I used a freely available quotations script to rotate the various quotations on the sales page as an illustration of the insight they'll receive from the course package.

But, back to my thought on quotations .. if you're looking for extra snippets to add to your purchased private label articles for uniqueness, why not do a search through Project Gutenberg or the Online Books site, or even books in your personal library, to find related quotations to add instead of the generic intro and conclusion snippets that so many other people are using on their sites?

Find Books in the Public Domain
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